Alum Profile: Elise Cargan (’16)

Profile by Mackenzie Senatore (’22)

Elise Cargan graduated Marywood with an English degree and is currently working as a Regional Sales Specialist for the Mideast region of Ryan Homes. Upon with graduating from Marywood and going out into the world, Elise did not know what she wanted to do when she left; all she knew is that she wanted to go Nashville, TN and just go from there!


Her Choices at Marywood

For the first three years of Elise’s academic career at Marywood, she was an Interior Architecture major with an English minor. She said, “If I had to start over again, I would definitely choose to major in English from the get-go.” When she thought about it and realized that English was a better choice for her, because of offered higher-level English classes, she was able to switch and adapt to an English major right before she started her senior year and graduated that same year. “With the help of Dr. Bittel and Dr. Sadlack, I was able to see that I could switch my major, graduate on time, and actually enjoy school and the classes that I was taking rather than view them as a full-time job I was not too fond of,” Elise stated.

How English Inspired Her Career Path

 As a Regional Sales Specialist, Elise not only designs all aspects of new community model homes from the inside, out, but she also aids in new community launches, which involve a lot of social media advertisements, website copy, and signage. So “having English degree,” Elise said, “helped me tremendously and allowed me to throw my hat in the ring for a bunch of different job opportunities in the area and gave me the ability to almost pick and choose what I wanted to do.” Elise reviews active websites and ads to make sure that what is written really highlights the community’s unique selling points and is accurate all across the board. She is able to make sure that what she and the company that she works for are putting out there is attractive to future buyers to help generate sales.

Making a Difference in the Workplace

Elise says that the most rewarding aspect of her job is being able to contribute to a successful new community launch. “Knowing that the model home and community ads and signage all added up to a successful launch really proves that I am able to make a difference,” Elise said.

The Freedom That Helped Her Get to Where She Is Now

 When Elise graduated, she did not have any idea as to what her career path was going to be afterwards. Elise said, “All I knew was that two weeks after graduation, I was going to be moving to Nashville, TN.” Her current job helped her realize what she wanted to do with the rest of her career, “After working alongside our marketing team for community launches, I was able to see that marketing was something that I wanted to pursue.” She is currently working on getting her MS in Strategic Marketing all while continuing to put her skills with English in to good use. “The freedom of being an English major helped me get to where I am now.”


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