Alum Profile: Riley Covaleski (’16)

Profile by Sr. Lucia Nguyen

Riley Covaleski is an Educational Technology Specialist at Marywood University. She has worked in this position for over two years but has worked at the university for six years. She teaches people to use the educational software used on campus and writes workshop materials for the university.


Riley loves reading, writing, and sharing her knowledge with others. When I asked her what the most rewarding part of her job is, Riley responded, “Learning and getting to help others. I feel so happy when people can understand the knowledge that I have shared with them. I am happy to make a connection to others on campus.”

Although Riley’s specialty is not one typically associated with an English degree, she still has a passion for working with English. Though she currently works in the field of educational technology and writes workshop materials for the university, she wants to expand her work by writing TV shows and movies. Riley also wants to be a novelist.

In addition, Riley shared with me how English inspires her at work. As she said: “Working with English every day reminds me of everything I learned in high school and college. In particular, many things I have learned in literature like the human connection and the value of life and knowledge apply to my work.”

She believes that learning English affects her personal life: “Learning English helps me to be more open to others, to understand others, and to get acquainted with others. I have learned to truly listen to others through studying English.”

After more than six years working at Marywood University, Riley found herself developing much more in written English. She knows more about the variety of writing techniques, use of specific language relating to her work, and English as a whole. Riley also recounted what she learned through writing as a college student at Marywood University. She said, “I learned how to represent myself, both in writing and presentation, and I learned from watching other people’s writing skills.” Therefore, as an alumna of Marywood University, she advises Marywood’s students to be themselves and try their best in their studies. As she said, “Stay true to yourself and be your best. Embrace your excitement for English and the language; that’s what others will notice and be drawn to.”


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