Alum Profile: Robinne Okrasinski (’06)

Robinne Okrasinski is the Operations Program Coordinator at Universal Orlando. Though
she never imagined herself residing in Florida or even majoring in English, Robinne
achieved her goals by doing what she loves best, by landing the career she wanted, and helping Universal Orlando become a more memorable place to visit.

Majoring in English

In her first year, Robinne originally started as a music performance major and was later undecided, but she transitioned to the English department after her freshman year. “I love to read and write, and having an English major for a background has helped, by strengthening my writing technique and becoming more versatile in the job market,” she notes. Though many associate being an English major with being a teacher or writer, majoring in this area has opened more job opportunities and enabled her to analyze and write more efficiently. When she continued her education in California University of Pennsylvania’s MA program in Tourism Planning and Development—a program that teaches practical knowledge of the industry and for helping people enjoy vacations and entertainment activities—the writing skills she gained from her English major made it easy for her to write analytical essays.

Memorable moments in English

“I really enjoyed Professor Bittel’s class on children’s literature. When we are younger and read stories we don’t always see the hidden gems or fully understand the meaning due to our age, but as an adult we realize more and the story becomes much more interesting.” During her senior year, she explains that Dr. Bittel helped her with her honors thesis on Disney World and made the process less daunting.

Personal hobbies

“I love reading books and still continue to read when I have the chance, but one of my favorite things to do is to write songs,” explains Robinne, “It’s a great way for me to combine my love of English with my passion for music.”

Choosing Marywood University

Finding schools and thinking about what you want to do for the rest of your life can be scary and very overwhelming. “I chose Marywood because I loved the campus,” Robinne reflects, “I thought it was beautiful, and seeing the nuns walking around made it peaceful. I was a commuter and had to drive almost an hour to get to Marywood, but the drive was more than worthwhile because of the friendly and helpful campus community.”

Personal advice

“It’s not bad to be undecided,” Robinne assures, “For awhile you may not know what you want to do, but look into a lot of different areas. Being an English major does not limit you to a future in education.  There are many other career options available to those studying English, and majoring or minoring in this department can open many doors.”

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