Alum Profile: Kendra Rafferty (’12)

KendraProfile by Colleen Campbell

Ms. Kendra Rafferty, an English graduate of Marywood University, is currently working at Emerson College as their Senior Assistant Director of Communications for their Graduate Admissions department. Her job is to handle all the external marketing and communications for the graduate programs. With the skills that she has gained through studying English, Kendra has been able to work collaboratively with other departments, including the larger central marketing team. In addition to this, she also travels year-round for recruitment purposes.

How did an English degree prepare you for your career path?

Kendra says, “My English degree and the liberal arts education I received from Marywood prepared me to take my career in almost any direction I wanted to go.” Kendra recognizes that the skills she has acquired as an English major have helped her to “communicate efficiently and effectively (with clarity).” She stresses that crafting language and recognizing the necessity of altering tone to match clients’ needs are skills that employers want from an employee.

Favorite Marywood Memory

Her favorite memories at Marywood include spending time with her classmates in the library while working on group projects and workshopping each other’s essays. Above all, Kendra raves about the essays she wrote in her Creative Writing class. She enthusiastically says, “I wrote some of my favorite pieces in Dr. Laurie McMillan’s writing class.”

Advice to current students

Kendra adds, “Be brave and unapologetic with your writing and your life choices.”  She advises us to be bold and not let fear cloud our confidence. In the interview, she stated that “the people you meet, the memories you make, and the skills you learn will shape the decisions you will make in the future.” Even more, she says to enjoy college life because soon you won’t have time to do the things you love. She asserts, “I find myself trying to sneak in an hour or two during the week to write or read the books I love.” Kendra insists that time is precious, so use it wisely.

What is your greatest personal accomplishment?

Kendra firmly says that “Working in a field related to my degree and using the skills I learned while at Marywood is an accomplishment not everyone can claim to have.” She insists that she could not be happier with her career and the time she spent at Marywood.

What are you reading now?

Kendra is currently reading Apology to the Moon by poet Jim Daniels. She says, “I love small presses,” and her favorite is Batcat Press. She loves them because they produce “fantastic handbound, limited edition works.” Besides Apology to the Moon, she is also reading- and loving Difficult Women by Roxane Gay. Kendra adds that “Her writing is magical.”

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