Alum Profile: Kasey Lee Lynn-Gadzinski (’14)

KaseyProfile by Sydney Toy (’20)

Getting into Teaching

Kasey Lynn is a 10th and 12th grade English teacher at a high school in Virginia, but she did not always plan on becoming a teacher. When asked about her major and original plans for her future, Kasey says, “I came to Marywood as an English Literature major and really wanted to be a speech writer for politicians.” After graduating from Marywood, she went to Georgetown University to get her master’s in American Government. During the summer of 2014, Kasey went to work for the Ready for Hillary super PAC. Regarding the work she did there, Kasey explains, “Another girl and I were in charge of the digital aspects. We created the Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter, and posted to them. We then looked at all of the numbers and the data and analyzed what got the most likes or retweets in order to generate more posts. We also helped to launch the Ready for Hillary bus which was really cool.” When she finished up her work on Hillary Clinton’s campaign, Kasey went to grad school. While in grad school Kasey worked for telecommunications firm called Stone’s Phones, a non-profit that worked with politicians. Kasey explains, “I was a ghost writer while working here. I was writing different scripts for politicians who would host telephone town halls to talk to constituents or get more people to volunteer and vote.” After completing grad school, Kasey worked in Public Relations for The Merit Group. While working there, Kasey realized she did not enjoy her job. She says, “I didn’t really like the hours working there. That’s when my husband, who went to school for teaching and is a teacher now, suggested I try teaching. Because of my background in English, all I had to do was take some online classes to get my degree, and now I’ve been teaching for two years.”

Favorite Marywood Memory

When recalling her favorite Marywood memory, Kasey lists her Senior Seminar class. She says, “It was lots of fun. One day my classmates brought in balloons and we made a video about an author we were reading about. The professor was even in on it. We just made the best of it and it made writing my Capstone paper more fun.” Kasey also mentioned any class she had with Dr. Bittel because of her stories about her daughter.

Life Outside of Work

Outside of her job as a teacher, Kasey is also the assistant girls’ varsity soccer coach for the high school she teaches at. She says, “I played soccer at Marywood but never played in a game because I tore my meniscus for the second time and couldn’t play anymore. But I’m happy that I was able to get back into it as a coach.” Aside from soccer, Kasey spends a lot of time reading short stories that she could use as material for her class. The school that Kasey works at is very diverse so she tries to find short stories that are easy for everyone to comprehend and to relate to. Regarding the diversity at her school, Kasey says, “About fifty-six different languages are spoken at the school where I work. There are kids there from Vietnam, Guatemala, Egypt, Ghana, El Salvador, the Middle East, South America, and Africa. A lot of these kids have also had interrupted education, so they don’t know simple grammatical rules like we would know; so I have to pick out stories that they could easily understand and relate to.” Aside from reading for class, Kasey does a great deal of curriculum writing for her work as a teacher, which she finds very enjoyable because she “loves creating assignments.” Kasey is also working on rewriting the curriculum for the English department at her school as well, which takes up a good amount of her time. On a more relaxing note, Kasey loves spending time with her French Bulldog Lola and her husband and especially loves taking Lola to the beach.

How has English helped you?

Looking back on her degree and how English has helped her prepare for her career, Kasey believes that her degree has helped her a great deal with her job and the work required of her. When recalling the most important skill she has learned from her degree, Kasey says, “The analytical skills specifically gained from my degree in English. My bosses love it and are impressed by it.” Aside from her degree in English, Kasey also has another degree in Spanish. This helps her communicate with the students who only speak Spanish or very little English; it also helps her teach these students how to write correctly in English.

Greatest Personal Accomplishment

Reflecting back on her life and the choices Kasey has made since graduating college, Kasey says her greatest personal achievement is that she “is the only person to have a master’s degree in her entire family, and I’m the first person in my immediate family to go to college.” Kasey also feels that what she does for her career is a great personal accomplishment for her as well. Kasey specifically cites “teaching students and helping students apply to college. I love to share my personal experience with my students to show that I can relate to them. I also love seeing the looks on their faces when they understand something or when they finish applying to college.”

Life and College Advice

Kasey offers up some advice regarding both college and life that she has found to be very true. Regarding college, she says to “take time and enjoy it.” She says the key is to balance both work and fun because it will help you in the long run. Kasey also says to “be fully prepared to do the work involved with your major and to go the extra mile because it will pay off in the end.” When talking about life, Kasey says that it is “unpredictable, so be willing to move with it wherever it takes you and have fun along the way.”

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