Alum Profile: Megan McDonnell (’15)

Profile by Nicole Sobolewski (’20)


Current occupation

Megan McDonnell is currently a graduate student at Marywood, working on her master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. After graduating Marywood with an English and Spanish degree, Megan was “unsure what to pursue.” Having no idea what to do, she took a Focus 2 test to see where she would work best. After realizing she belongs in a psychology field, she decided to get a master’s degree. She recognized that this degree can potentially allow her to get a job that can someday help “save someone’s life,” which brought her great joy.

How an English major helped her succeed

English has helped Megan prepare for her master’s degree. It has allowed her to “think critically and write effectively.” Having been consistently reading, writing, and developing ideas as an undergraduate student, Megan developed the skills she now needs for her degree.

Best part about getting a master’s degree

The best part about getting a master’s degree is the ability to “learn so much about one topic.” Megan is constantly learning about her field, even outside of school. She is able to apply her school material to the outside world. In addition, it is amazing to have other students who “love the discipline” and have the ability to see “professors conducting research.”

Advice to current English majors

Megan advises students to “get involved as much as possible.” In college, “you only get out what you put in.” Although this sounds a bit clichéd, it is true. “Opportunities will not present themselves unless you seek them out,” she notes. Furthermore, Megan advises students to take the Literary Criticism and Theory class. Megan considered this class to be a “boot camp for English majors.” The class has taught her strong analysis skills that she uses to this day.

Life outside school

By the age of twenty-two, Megan had written her own novel. However, since she is currently concentrating on her master’s degree, she hasn’t had time to publish it. Eight agents are interested in her novel, and she hopes one day to do so. In addition, Megan works for Crisis Text Line. This text line allows individuals to seek help through a “less personal communication” process. Megan has already helped many, and she hopes to keep helping others.

Greatest personal accomplishment

Megan’s most memorable achievement was the moment she received her college diploma. Megan had many doubts about the career path she should take, constantly changing her mind. At one point, she took three semesters off to try to figure out what to do. So when Megan finally graduated, she was “happy to see the diploma, especially since it was worth so much.” She was proud of herself for succeeding.




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