Senior Profile: Jessie Linde (’17)

Profile by Lisa Drehmann (’20)


Choosing English

Jessie Linde is a Senior English major with minors in writing and women’s studies. Linde has had a passion for writing and literature, saying, “Throughout high school I had a deep passion for literature.” Linde initially wanted to go school as a writing major because she loved writing.  However, Marywood didn’t have writing as a major at the time, so she chose the next best thing, which was to major in English and minor in writing. One thing that Linde knew for sure was that she was not interested in going into the sciences saying,  I wasn’t particularly good at science so I knew I didn’t want to go anywhere near that field.”

Advice for English Majors

Linde was excited to share advice that she thinks is one of the most important things for all new English majors to know. She said, “Make sure it’s something you really want to do. There were a lot more people originally in my major, but many people dropped out because they realized it wasn’t for them.” Linde stressed that literature and writing is something you must be passionate about in order to be successful in the area of study. She said that analyzing and critiquing literature is not for everyone and to make sure it is something you feel strongly about doing.
Linde could not think of one book in particular that had a major influence on her. “There are just so many,” she said. However, she was able to assert that a category that she enjoys is British literature. She said, “I found that it’s my favorite genre of literature to study.”

Influential Professor

A big influence in Linde’s academic experience was Dr. McMillan, who is no longer teaching at Marywood. She said that Dr. McMillan was not only a big influence in English, but also inspired Linde to begin her minor in women’s studies: “Dr. McMillan opened my eyes to a lot of things.” She was very grateful for being introduced to the women’s studies field and was excited to begin incorporating the new passion into her literary studies and life.


One of the biggest challenges that Linde said that she faced was the amount of work required of English majors. She said that because she was taking mostly English classes, the workload began to be very demanding. She recalled often having to read three books at one time, which was challenging but still worth it to Linde because her passion for writing and analyzing literature is so strong. Another challenge that Linde felt worth noting was people’s reactions when telling them that she is an English major. She said, “Telling people I’m an English major—people don’t see why. People think you won’t do anything with it.” Linde laughed and explained that when people think English majors won’t do anything, they are very much mistaken. Linde loves animals and plans to incorporate her skills into starting a blog as well as being able to help animals.

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