Senior Profile: Alicia Belch (’17)

AliciaBProfile by Colleen Campbell (’18)

Why English?

Alicia is inspired by the freedom that comes with both creative and academic writing. She says, “There was something so different about it compared to my other subjects.” Being inspired by the power of words, she decided to major in English so that she would be able to use her words to make a difference in the world. Excited about her future, Alicia says her future is what motivates her most. She says, “I want to be able to have a steady job but also have the ability to be creative within that job.” Alicia asserts that there have been many difficult days, but knowing that English is her passion keeps her motivated.

Favorite Author

With a love for many authors, she is unable to choose only one. Her favorites are Roald Dahl and Rupi Kaur. She says, “I really love Roald Dahl for his imagination. I’ve reread his children’s books as an adult, and they make even more sense to me now.” As for Rupi Kaur, Alicia says that she is currently reading his book of poems called “Milk and Honey.” She says that she is exploring the idea of doing her capstone paper on his work.

Advice to Other English Majors

“Definitely time management.” Alicia insists that time management is crucial to being successful. Admittedly, she says, “I’m a senior and I still have problems with this.” Some of her pointers for being successful include planning how much time goes into writing certain pieces and seeking the help of a teacher if you need to.

New Attitude

Through majoring in English, Alicia has come to see the world in a different light. She states, “English has given me the ability to think outside the box, even with topics that you would think are so studied, there is nothing left to the conversation.” She is proud to say that Marywood’s English department’s “focus on rhetoric has helped her to communicate better with others.”

Techniques and Skills Gained

Empowered by the skills she has gained through studying English, Alicia uses those skills to write better papers: “I’ve definitely learned how to write more cohesively and rhythmically, even for academic papers.” She insists that her most useful skilled gained is “abstract thinking,”which can be applied to most subjects. Alicia believes that the skills she has gained through majoring in English will help her to be successful in the real world. She says, “Communication is more important today than it ever was before, especially with the amount of diversity we have here in the U.S. English and writing really help with that.” Again Alicia says that the power of words and writing makes it easier to understand the world we live in.

Moving Forward: What’s Next?

Alicia says giddily, “I’m not sure yet!” She maintains that being unsure is the beauty of being an English major. English is such an interdisciplinary study that English majors can get a job anywhere. For now, she is looking forward to relaxation and spending time with her family. Looking forward to worldly experiences, her plan is to travel after graduation and write poems about the places she has visited.


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