Senior Profile: David Kruman (’17)

Profile by Jillian Gratz (’19)


David Kruman became an English major for many reasons, but his main reason was his love for reading. He also had a “desire to learn how to write better.” He also believes that reading and writing are two essential skills that will be valuable in any career. David’s courses were also very influential to him in his major. He called Rural Literature his “most important” class because he felt that the literature resonated with him and that the writings of Earnest Gaines Jr. and Zora Neale Hurston made him feel in touch with literature.

Some of David’s Best Marywood Memories:

David explained that reading and writing were two areas in which he felt he severely lacked. He talked to me about the professors that made a huge difference in his academic career. He explained that “Dr. Brassard and Dr. Bittel taught me how to write, and Dr. Conlogue and Dr. Sadlack taught me how to read critically.” David’s experience with the professors at Marywood made an incredible difference in his academic career, and he also explained that he has “had a really wonderful experience at Marywood in the English department.”

Advice for Future English Majors:

I asked David for the advice he would give new English majors, and he replied that he would advise all new majors to keep up with the reading that is assigned in their classes. He also said that “it is not fun trying to read two-hundred pages of a book you don’t enjoy the night before it is due.” He also shared a similar answer when I asked him what his challenges in the major were. He explained that time-management is a challenge for him, and that being an English major makes this even more difficult. He gave a lot of advice on this matter, saying “Taking multiple English classes, meaning reading multiple books at the same time, can be very overwhelming when you feel pressured. Studying literature is a time-consuming practice. I never end with the results I hoped to have when I cram the work into a small period of time.”

What Next?:

David is currently thinking about attending graduate school, and says that in the mean time he plans “to read and write.”



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