Senior Profile: Sally Jellock (’17)

Profile by Katie Wheeler (’17)


Sally Jellock was not always an English major. She once believed that if she wanted to major in English it meant she would have to be a teacher. However, that is not the case. Sally realized, with the help of a few of the English department’s finest, that she can do an endless number of things with an English degree. With this in mind, she jumped aboard the English train.

Why English?

Sally was extremely straightforward when answering this question. She chose English because she is good at it—which is a fair reason to want to do anything. English was always a topic that she enjoyed throughout school and felt strongly about pursuing this passion. She also has enjoyed reading for the majority of her life. While reading is a love of Sally’s, she also enjoys writing. This major is the avenue through which she could pursue both.

Professors That Influence You

It is difficult to choose just one professor to be impressed with in the English department. However, everyone has their favorites. Sally, when asked to choose just one, could not just choose one professor. She mentioned how much she loved taking classes with Dr. Conlogue because, before his classes, she had such a closed-minded way of thinking about literature. He taught her that there can be a whole pile of meanings for different things. She especially loves Laurie McMillan. Without Laurie, she would not have become an English major. Overall, she is grateful for everything each of the professors taught her.

 What Comes Next?

This is a terrifying question for a second semester senior. It is most difficult because it is hard to predict what the future may or may not hold. Sally has a plan. After she graduates, she plans to find a job. Hopefully, she will find a job that will pay for graduate school. However, if her workplace does not pay she will not let that stop her. She plans on attending graduate school regardless.


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