Senior Profile: Rose Mrdjenovic (’17)

By Nicole Sobolewski (’20)


Why English?

Rose chose to study English because she knew that she “wanted to be a writer ever since she was nine years old.” Also, she enjoyed learning about the English language and grammar from a young age. In the long run, this liking gave her an advantage in studying English. On top of that, “English is easy to double major” with. It provides room for other majors or minors, which is why Rose chose to double major in Religious Studies.

Advice to New Majors

Rose advised new majors to “make sure to take classes you like,” not just the required courses. However, don’t just take fun classes; make sure to complete the required courses. In most cases, people end up with more English classes taken than needed; therefore, they are able to take other classes. Also, Rose said, “do the readings, do the homework” and always proofread papers.

A Text that Inspired Rose

A text that influenced Rose significantly is Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. This novel’s genre is fantasy, and involves witches, magic, and plot twists. After having read it, at age nine, Rose knew that she wanted to “make something as wonderful as this” when she was older. To this day, Rose looks at the book being a key influence on her college decisions.

Challenging Issues within the English Major

Some of the hardest struggles Rose has experienced are the extensive amount of reading, pacing herself, and research papers. Rose has always had trouble with “the amount of reading there is” and with getting through with these readings. She is fast reader, but there is an extensive amount of work. In addition, pacing herself has been a challenge for Rose. She advises that others learn to pace themselves because it will definitely help with the courseload. Lastly, research papers are demanding work because of the process that’s required: prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and proofreading.

General Focus of Capstone Paper

Within a Capstone paper, seniors (and some juniors) are required to pick a thesis that argues a point of view about a certain topic/book. The class(es) provide an entire process that helps students complete their fifteen-page thesis paper. Seniors are able to write about anything, as long as it’s literature related. Rose is still deciding what to have her paper be on. She was thinking of writing about Diana Wynne Jones’s Fire in Hemlock, and/or she wants to look at female heroines presented in Jones’s novels, since her novels create such strong characters.

Outside of the Classroom

As of right now, Rose is waiting to start an internship at Holy Cross High School here in Scranton. She is also involved in Big House, which is a Marywood Christian living community in Madonna that promotes Christian beliefs on campus. Rose is one of the main leaders there, and she helps provide comfort to individuals living there, as well as guidance.

Most Influential Classes and Professors

Three professors that had a large impact on Rose at Marywood are: Sister Christine, Dr. Bittel, and Dr. Conlogue. Sister Christine teaches a class called Faith Experience in Literature. Rose said that this class was “everything she wanted in an English class,” and it opened her eyes into the field of religion. Dr. Bittel teaches Children’s Literature, and this course was one of Rose’s favorites. She loved being able to critically analyze children’s books. Lastly, Dr. Conologue is Rose’s advisor and throughout her time in Marywood, he has guided her to pick the classes that would best suit her.

After College

Rose is considering applying to a graduate school in New York called SUNY New Paltz. This school is fifteen minutes from her house, which will allow her to be close to her family. At the university, she wishes to hold an English Assistantship so that she has two classes paid for and can have teaching experience by helping teach Freshman Composition each semester.




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