Alum Profile: Dave Scarnato (’12)

Profile by Dominic Behler (’17)Dave

Dave Scarnato, Photojournalist/Producer
WNEP News, Scranton, PA

A World in Pictures

“Anyone can take pictures,” Dave assures me. As a photojournalist at WNEP News, nothing could be closer to the truth. Using only a camera, Dave tells a story, moment to moment, in pictures. No words. The inherent challenge of this explains why Dave dislikes “Camera Man” and “Photographer” as titles. “As a producer, I rely on writing skills that are simple, clear and concise. In live TV, you get one chance to get it right.”

Time Well Spent

Dave’s favorite memory of the English Department was “[t]he people. The department is so close and so supportive of each other. It is a family.”  Dave recalls, “That’s definitely what makes the English department, especially at Marywood, unique. If it wasn’t for the support from my peers and professors, I don’t think I’d be where I am at today.”

Internships were discussed as well, with Dave advising as many as three or more. “English is such a versatile subject that you can utilize in almost any field,” Dave says.

Most importantly, Dave emphasizes personal motivation: “Always want more of yourself and what you’re studying.”

 Running into the Future

Outside of Photojournalism and Producing, Dave has several hobbies, including marathons, and baseball. For students at Marywood, Dave suggests that they acquire a minor. In fact he recommends, “Heck, pick up a few minors.” Strangely, Dave isn’t much of a reader.“I like simple stories from magazines, newspapers, news websites, etc.,” he explains, though he does love to read the latest novels from the great Mitch Albom. “That man is a genius and knows how to pull you in,” he observes.




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