Sneak Peek! Senior Seminar Conference 2016

Eleven extremely thoughtful English majors will be presenting their research at a department conference on Thursday, 5 May 2016 in the Swartz Center Rooms C & D at Marywood University.


Front: David, Diane, Marilyn, Elise, Amanda, Jamie; Back: Nicole, Paul, Jessi, Kathleen, Riley

If you’d like a sense of their work, check out their blogs (linked just below). You will find an abstract for each conference presentation, and you can even peruse each student’s blog to discover more about what they’ve been thinking about over the course of the semester.

And if you’re looking for someone to hire, be sure to check out their resumés!

I. Of Demigods, Dystopias, & Dastardly Dames: Stretching Gender Roles in Literature & Film

Nicole Meshko: “‘Are You a Boy? Or Are You a Girl?’: An Analysis of Gender in The Lightning Thief”
Marilyn Anderson: “She’s the Man Coerced into Womanhood and She’s the Girl Transformed by Manhood: The Hunger Games and Divergent
Elise Cargan: “The Not-So Villainous Villainess: How Traditional Gender Roles are Challenged and Combined in Disney’s Maleficent

II. The Maniacs, the Deafies, & the Homies: Representations of Minorities in Popular Culture

Diane Congdon: “This Playbook is a Handbook for Mental Awareness”
Amanda Thornley: “The Silence is Deafinitely Getting Louder: Deafness and Deaf Culture in Switched at Birth
Kathleen Blazosek: “Yo, Son, You Catch Last Night’s Episode? Slang and Stereotypes in Law and Order: Special Victims Unit

III. Harry Potter and the Sounds of Silence

Riley Covaleski: “Harry Potter and the Fountain of Youth: Categorizing the Kid Wizard”
Paul Capoccia: “‘They don’t understand, do they?’: Screaming, Sound, and Silence in Our Town and Death of a Salesman

IV. Is What You See What You Get? Social Critique in 19th- and 20th-Century Fiction

Jamie Linde: “‘The Constraint of Day’: Observing the Body in Tess of the d’Urbervilles
David Burns: “Monstrous Behavior: Investigating the Normal in Grendel
Jessi Terry: “A Corrupt Society: Discovering the Effects of Consumerism and Media in White Noise”

We look forward to seeing you at the conference!


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