Alum Profile: Molly Boylan (’13)

Profile by David Kruman (’18)


Molly Boylan, Lead Editor
The reThink Group, Cumming, GA

Molly Boylan, Marywood University Class of 2013, graduated with a degree in English Literature.  Molly graduated from Scranton High School and attended Eastern University for her freshman year of college.  She enrolled at Marywood as an English major because she wanted a better understanding of reading, writing and critical thinking.  Molly’s interest developed after having a positive experience taking English classes in high school.  Her intentions with a degree in English Literature were to be an editor and eventually a publisher.

Molly was the Editor-in-Chief at The Wood Word, Marywood University’s school newspaper, and worked in the Writing Center, tutoring other students.  At the Wood Word, Molly gives credit to Dr. Wotanis for teaching her to edit properly.  A couple of Molly’s favorite classes were World Literature with Dr. Conlogue and Young Adult Literature with Dr. Bittel.  In World Literature, students are taught about different literature written in different parts of the world in different time periods.  Molly was fascinated by the impact that culture, language and time have on the way literature is written.  In Young Adult Literature, students learn a different style of writing, written for a younger audience.  In Molly’s last year at Marywood, she wrote her senior capstone paper on two different Young Adult novels.

After graduating from Marywood, Molly found employment here in Scranton at NeighborWorks NEPA.  At this non-profit,  she worked in communications, where she had the opportunity to utilize the critical thinking skills she learned from Marywood’s English department.  Almost a year and a half later, in January 2015, Molly found employment in her field: “The job description was the same as my dream job.”  Molly moved to Georgia to work for a company called The Rethink Group or Orange.  Orange is a company that makes Sunday School curricula for pre-school through high school.  Molly is the lead editor for elementary school curricula.   At Orange, she practices the critical reading and writing skills she learned at Marywood.  Molly still enjoys reading in her spare time and has had some experience blogging as well.

Molly’s most memorable experience at Marywood was when she studied abroad with Dr. Wotanis and Dr. McMillan in Ireland.  “I put pen to paper about what I was experiencing in creative ways.  I had a better experience because I was recording what I was learning and experiencing,” she notes.  In Marywood’s English classes, students are taught to put themselves in the character’s shoes to fully understand the characters themselves.  Studying abroad allowed Molly to be her own character.

At the end of the interview, I asked Molly for a few words of advice for all of Marywood’s future English majors.  “Think about what interests you and take classes based on what you like, get involved in something you are interested like extracurricular activities and stick with them,” she recommends.  Molly tells a story of success and hope for all students and faculty alike.



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