Alum Profile: Josh Frank (’05)

Profile by Matthew Murphy (’18)


Josh Frank, Project Lead/User Experience
for AdjustCreative (Chicago, IL)


Josh Frank started as an undergrad at a small liberal arts college in Illinois. After 3 1/2 years, he stopped and joined the workforce before continuing his schooling at Marywood University. Throughout Josh’s life he always worked with children, whether it was with Children and Youth Services, being a swim coach, or working at a group home for kids with behavioral disorders. This, along with his love for reading, is what led him to pursue an English Secondary Education major. However, Josh realized that he did not want to teach, but he still wanted to work with children in his church’s youth group, so he dropped his Secondary Education and finished as an English major. During Josh’s time at Marywood, he had a lot of great relationships with some of the teachers, and some led to great friendships later in life. Josh really enjoyed all of the different ways the teachers taught, especially when they involved exploration of spirituality within literature.

Adjust Creative

Before starting Adjust Creative, Josh Frank designed for print and for the web during his undergrad years in Illinois. He continued to do designing in both media all through his life and still does it today. For a short period in his life, he worked with many designers on different projects and eventually started Adjust with a few designers he had worked with in the past. When Adjust Creative was finally born, he became a founder, a Project Lead, and a User Experience expert for the company. Being an English major helped him tremendously with his work for Adjust Creative. From being an English major, Josh learned how to think critically with logic, reason, empathy, and emotions. After learning this it helped him think and communicate clearly with his clients in both writing and speaking. It also allowed him to understand people’s problems and think of ways to fix them. He said that detailed but precise communication is critical for him and his coworkers, along with his clients.

Adjust Creative will be 2 years old in July and is only going to grow a bit more in the future. In the future, he sees Adjust getting a little bit bigger and forming more “teams.” Josh wants the company to be, “not well known, [but] in charge of [their] own destiny.” He also hopes to continue working “behind the scenes for projects to get into foreground working with interesting people.”


There are two pieces of advice Josh has for current and upcoming majors at Marywood. First he said, “[do] not hesitate at all. Engage and take advantage of resources with [your] professors. They are very remarkable resources.” He then finished by saying,Life does not have to start after college. Start looking for internships and part-time work as early as possible.”


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