Meet Elise Cargan (’16)

Profile by Ann Santos (’19)

Elise Cargan is a senior currently attending Marywood University. Now in her last year,
she is focusing on her schoolwork and preparing for the real world. Excited and slightly nervous for what life will bring her and where her career will take her to, she now reflects on how those four years attending Marywood flew by and on the memories she’s made.

Why English?

Originally for the first three years, Elise was an interior architecture major but she just switched this summer to majoring in English. “I really appreciate not only reading the text but looking closer and finding deeper meanings in the story,” she notes.  While many associate being an English major with being a teacher or writer, there are countless job opportunities out there. One just needs to keep an open mind. As the Public Relations Chair of the sorority Alpha Sigma Si, in a world where social media is everywhere, Elise explains, “Communicating through social media and having an English major helps me write down what I want in a few sentences. It’s very crucial to communicate with people and get their attention.”

Being a Senior vs. Being a Freshman

In the beginning of your freshman year, of course you want to have fun and enjoy the new experience of being an independent person, but “put effort into your work,” Elise advises. Taking your time with your work and doing it well does not only help you take the most of your college experience, but professors appreciate that they see that someone cares. “Organization is key” explains Elise.

Out of all the professors she has had in the past four years, her two favorites are Dr. Bittel and Dr. Sadlack: “I think they are so intelligent and passionate about their work, and I love how they motivate their students to do their best.  It’s very inspiring how they make their students look forward to going to each class.”

Future Goals

Elise enjoys the marketing world that deals with social media, and she is also planning to move to Tennessee this June. Elise and her family took a vacation down there and absolutely fell in love with the area. “It’s all happening very fast,” she says, but it is all very exciting. It’s all about just getting a job and seeing what will happen next. When she is all settled she would eventually like to apply to graduate school and further pursue marketing.

“I definitely relate when someone doesn’t know what to do with their major,” Elise reflects, “I have been there myself, but don’t let that discourage you, and always keep an open mind because there are so many job opportunities waiting for you.”


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