Meet Nicole Meshko (’17)

Profile by Madison Galanti (’17)

Why English?

Nicole, like many incoming freshman college students, did not know which direction she specifically wanted to follow during her first year. She came into the University undeclared and figured that she would sort through her favorite options while taking general education classes. During one class assignment particularly, in Dr. Erin Sadlacks’s University 100 course, Nicole expressed her worries about honing in one specific major. Dr. Sadlack surprised Nicole by simply asking what her interests were and when they found themselves discussing Nicole’s love of reading, Dr. Sadlack suggested she become an English major. Nicole expresses that she has never looked back and has truly found a love for the major that she has chosen. In Nicole’s spare time, she is reading young adult or urban fantasy novels. Her passion for reading and writing shines through when she is talking about her favorite novels and also when in the classroom.

As a Student

In the classroom, Nicole is extremely resourceful. She is always prepared with either background knowledge that can support a text or with her own personal ideas that can spark a conversation amongst the class. When in an English class, Nicole has a knack for pulling small pieces from a passage and relating them to something on a grander scale or demonstrating her own connection with them. When asked what the major difference is between her writing freshman year and her writing as a student now, Nicole expressed that all of the classes that she has taken here at Marywood have only strengthened her skills and knowledge so that she can become a better writer each and every time she writes.

One of Nicole’s favorite moments from her time as an English major was a day in Dr. Sadlack’s Digital Shakespeare class. Nicole tells of how there was one class period that was canceled, yet the majority of the students from the class went anyhow so that they could discuss their latest finds and share their newest ideas. Nicole loves that memory because she found it amusing as well as heart warming. Nicole shared many fond memories from her time as an English major, some of them from the various opportunities that the English department has provided her with.

English Major Opportunities

When asking Nicole about her favorite memories from being an English major, she immediately started describing her experience during the Study Abroad trip to Ireland and England. Nicole shared that the trip was roughly a few weeks long during the course of the summer. There were classes on Marywood’s campus for about a week prior to leaving for the trip and then the exploration began. Nicole expresses that the trip was worthwhile and rewarding and also that many of her peers would describe it as eye opening and better than expected. Once there, Nicole was able to go to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre and also study and take classes at the University of Oxford for a week. Nicole said that she would recommend a study abroad trip to almost every student at Marywood.

Nicole also shared an opportunity that she was able to have with one of our very own professors from the English Department. She worked closely with Dr. Sadlack, helping her to build more accessible Moodle pages and transition scholarly articles into links for each of Dr. Sacklack’s English courses. Nicole also complied pop culture references and put them all in a table with bibliographic details, for future reference and for students to come. Some of Nicole’s other tasks were to find books, transfer copies into the Moodle pages and proofread. Overall, she shared that her experiences, whether from the study abroad trip or her internship with Dr. Sadlack, have helped prepare her for success in the future.


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