Meet Jamie Linde (’17)

Profile by Matthew Pelucacci (’18)



Finding the Knack and Her Mission

Jamie, a Northeastern Pennsylvania native, realized her love of English in high school when she would find herself reading books during class instead of paying attention: “I obviously love reading.” With the assistance of her vigilant senior English teacher she was shown that she had a knack for writing. Her teacher encouraged her to pursue the study of English. Once at Marywood, Jamie invested herself in studying English along with Women’s Studies. Through these studies, her commitment to social justice and addressing contemporary social issues shows. She stays true to Marywood’s ethos of commitment and empowerment. Her capstone paper addresses topics such as sexual assault through examining the Victorian Era work of Thomas Hardy’s Tess of the D’Urbervilles. She also has investigated other serious social issues, showing that English Literature has more of an impact on culture and community than we think. One of her favorite essays she has written addresses how literature can affect problems we face with racial issues. Her essay focuses on “looking at diversity in Children’s Literature; how there’s a lack of it and how that could affect children’s reading. If people don’t encounter diversity at a young age,  that could lead to so many of the problems we see.”

Experience at Marywood and Future Aspirations

Being an English major at Marywood has led Jamie to many great experiences, one of which is being part of a tight knit community. In regards to the English community she commented, “It’s a small community and we all know each other; we stick together.” She describes her senior seminar as “fun” because everyone is friends. When not in class Jamie can be found working on Marywood’s premier journal of literature, The Bayleaf, tutoring other students to strengthen their writing skills, or comfortably reading in her bed. Most likely reading Victorian literature or children’s literature, some of her favorite genres. Her fondest memory is a study abroad experience. One summer Jamie voyaged across the pond to England and Ireland: “I took a course with Dr. Sadlack. We looked at writing around the time of colonialism; it was really cool.” She recommends studying abroad to anyone who can. Jamie plans to one day work in publishing as an editor. She is currently setting up an internship at Scranton’s major newspaper, The Times-Tribune.

Advice for the Future

Jamie offers future English Majors this advice: “Try and keep up with the readings. When it comes to writing plan ahead and get some drafts. Not doing that never ends well.” She also expressed the helpfulness of the faculty, and the importance of developing a relationship with them, “They’re all really cool; reach out and find someone you connect with.” And as some final words of wisdom on the power of English from Jamie, “With English there isn’t a set place to go, it’s wherever you can find yourself!”



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