Meet Amanda Thornley (’16)

Profile by Sarah Wagner (’17)


“I’ve basically been writing since I could hold a pencil and reading since I could hold a book. Growing up, English was my favorite subject” 

Amanda’s Accomplishments

Amanda has accomplished much in her years at Marywood. Amanda is currently president of Marywood’s English club. She volunteers at the book drives every semester they are offered. Amanda is an editor on The Bayleaf Magazine.  She also participates in choir, band, and this year she will be playing Judas in Campus Ministry’s passion play. Along with her wide range of extra curricular activities, Amanda has also done hurricane relief and read books to residents at St. Joe’s. “Basically anything I can get my hands on, I like to do,” she said.

Memories and Inspiration at Marywood

“My favorite memory, definitely from an English standpoint, was when Dr. Bush blew bubbles in class while wearing a tiara. […] She spent the first 20 minuets blowing bubbles, catching them, and blowing them in people’s faces. It was just hilarious.”

Amanda took two classes that were very influential in her studies this far.

Mystical Writers with Dr. Brassard helped to solidify her faith, explained Amanda. “I felt so much more comfortable with myself and what I believe in,” she said.

The second class was Writing and Cultural Studies. According to Amanda, this class really brought her out of her comfort zone when it came to writing. “It took what I thought ‘analyzing something’ was and completely changed it. It was the weirdest experience of my life, but it made me a more concise writer,” she remembers.

Then and Now

Amanda is currently working on her senior capstone. She hopes to discuss the representation of Deaf culture in the media. Her main focus will be the popular television show Switched at Birth.

In the past, Amanda did internships with The Scranton Cultural Center and The Everhart Museum. She also studied for a semester in Ireland, where she experienced a broader sense of the Irish culture.

Amanda’s goals for the future include a career in pubic relations and marketing. She is also interested in writing for universities. She has already started applying for jobs in big cities. “I’m kind of open to the future. I don’t mind what I get as long as I get something,” she says.

Advice To New Majors?

“Stick with it” said Amanda.  “Having an English major is like having a major in how to be a human being. It gives you life skills and people skills… It’s a great major. You don’t learn just a trade, you learn a lifestyle.”




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