Meet Kathleen Blazosek (’16)

Profile by Dominic Behler (’18)

The Suspect




The Crime

“I originally came in as English secondary education to Marywood,” Kathleen admitted. However, as time went on, she found that the profession of teaching was not for her. “I kind of found out that I wanted to pursue something in Law, so I thought English would help with that.”

The Case

For her Senior capstone thesis, Kathleen has chosen to focus on an aspect of pop culture. “I’m actually analyzing Law & Order SVU.” “I’m looking at Racial Stereotypes in [the show] and how they portray African Americans, through language and speech and clothing.” Her ultimate goal is “trying to connect [these stereotypes] outwards to media, and how that affects people’s views of the world.”

Aside from school and working part-time, Kathleen has taken on numerous extracurricular activities, including Relay for Life, reading to children at St. Joe’s, Project Heal, and English Club, which she regards with fervent enthusiasm. The English department as a whole has been a great source of joy for Kathleen.

“One of my favorite memories was from Dr. Bittel’s Victorian Writers class,” Kathleen recalled. “She had this project at the end of the semester where we got to work in groups and we got to modernize a work that we read throughout the semester.” She and her friends had a fantastic idea, “We did The Importance of being Earnest by Oscar Wilde, and we did this whole speed dating thing.

“It was really funny, and it was fun seeing everybody else’s interpretation of different works.”

The Verdict

For any incoming freshmen of the English department, Kathleen had some solid advice. First, “You should go to English club,” she said with a reassuring lilt, “It’s a lot of fun.” Second, “Make sure you stay on top of the readings.” And third, “Don’t be afraid to reach out to your teachers. I love all of the English Department; I think they’re all great and amazing, and they help with everything.”


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