Meet Jessica Terry (’16)

Profile by Michael Smith (’19)



Jessica Terry is a senior graduating with a major in English literature and a minor in dance this Spring. She loves writing, dancing, and the novel Dracula.

But Jessica didn’t originally come to Marywood to study English. “Actually, first, I was graphic design,” she explained. For a brief period her major was undeclared. “I took English 160 and 180 in the same semester, and I ended up really liking both courses, so I decided that I was going to switch over to English,” she said. It proved to be a good fit.

Dance is important to Jessica; Marywood’s dance minor program was one of the factors that led to her decision to study here. “We do a lot of volunteer stuff,” she explained. Her involvement includes two shows a year.

Experience at Marywood

One of Jessica’s favorite classes at Marywood was Literary Criticism and Theory with Dr. Conlogue. “It was the hardest course we ever took,” she recalled, “but I learned a lot from it.”

But her favorite memory wasn’t of lofty academia. Jessica recalled how one time Dr. Bush (who no longer teaches at Marywood) wore “a pair of those giant sunglasses that are bigger than your head” for a class and passed out bubbles. “It was a good time,” she concluded.

Jessica is currently working on her Capstone paper. Hers discusses “the ideas of consumerism and new technology and how it affects […] family life” through the Post-Modern American novels White Noise  by Don DeLillo and The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pinchon.

Advice to New Majors

Jessica emphasized the importance of diversity in a Liberal Arts education. “Try new things,” she said. “Take courses that you don’t think you would be interested in.” In Jessica’s case, it was Rural Literature and Mystical Writers, both classes she found surprisingly enjoyable. It worked for Jessica—she found a major that she loved.

“Read everything,” she said, and “read between the lines,” because you get so much more out of your classes when you do.


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