Time to set New Year’s Resolutions

It is already December and with 2015 right around the corner, it’s time to start making goals for Christmas break and for the new year.


Mine for break and the new year is simple: stopping text so much and start picking up texts.


Unfortunately with the college workload, I have fallen far behind on my reading lists and on my ability to read even simple things like the newspaper. I have several reading lists, from fiction ranging across every genre to nonfiction about body language, meditation, improv comedy, and military history.


My college education is able to teach me so much, and it does make me well-rounded, but reading on my own has always allowed me to stay mentally sharp and even better-rounded. It feels great to learn about my interests; the satisfaction is really unparalleled.


It is easy to become complacent in college, to think “I’m learning enough, this is fine,” and to roll on through life only learning in a classroom. I, however, worry that once I’m out of school that I’ll feel it’s okay to stop learning. It certainly isn’t, and I want to get into a routine.


I’m not saying I’m going to hide out and pull a Thoreau to learn alone for months; that’s not a healthy lifestyle either. Learning from books and learning from life really only serve purpose when they are combined. I just know that next time I’m bored and itching for something to do, I’ll curl up with a book instead of my smart phone.


Contact the writer: pcapoccia@m.marywood.edu




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