Importance of Writing… in every major

While it is the easy way out to say that only liberal arts majors, or even specifically just English majors, need to know how to write, it is certainly not the right way to be thinking.


Every major needs to know how to write.


Instead of offering theoretical suggestions on the importance of writing, let’s just look at a few simple examples.


Take Psychology or anything in the psychological field, for example. Counseling sessions, or series of sessions with specific clients, begin with what is called an intake. Put simply, an intake is a questionnaire that serves the purpose of allowing the counselor or therapist to understand his or her client. The counselor or therapist takes notes, writes down answers, and finds follow-up questions from the client’s answers.


If the counselor cannot write effectively, his or her notes may not make sense later. The notes may be poor for follow-up questions, or they may be ambiguous in representing the state of the client. Furthermore, if or when the counselor needs to do full reports, he or she needs to be able to specifically articulate what happened in the sessions with the client. Accuracy and precision are critical in such matters.


Another major that involves this kind of accurate, precise writing is in the medical field. I feel it is fairly intuitive that if a doctor wants to publish anything, he or she ought to know how to write successfully. While knowing the medical terms is a prerequisite, putting them in the right order and utilizing a lexicon that is able to explain concepts clearly and concisely is important.


A final major to look at is simply a business major. I know I am not alone in being irritated when I see an advertisement or even a coupon with a significant typo; it does not bode for a business. Businesses need writers who can effectively write for ads, promotions, public relations, business statements, and many other things. Kickstarter business owners need to know how to write effective letters to investors, and every presentation involves writing slides and being able to interpret one’s own work.


These are only a few examples, but many of the same principles here can explain the necessity for proficient writing in any major. Writing allows us to communicate, but effective writing allows us to get our points across. Our educations do us little if we cannot communicate what we know.


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