Read on… and pick up a video game

Stories are stories are stories.

Stories have been a part of the world culture, of our species’ very existence, for thousands and thousands of years. Storytelling, once an art of remembering epic works that could take days to recite from memory by highly touted and renowned storytellers, has now woven its way into a vast array of media.

Today, we enjoy the same benefits of physical papers of stories like our Egyptian predecessors did on papyrus in addition to the rise of the digital age of stories: a tweet is a short story, a Facebook status sometimes a novel, and, I’m here to say, a video game is a story.

With masterpieces I’ve personally tried such as Bioshock Infinite, The Last of Us, and Mass Effect among an assortment spanning genres and consoles, certain video games have so much to offer in the story department. Granted, video game purists like John Carmack will always say video games do not need story [he equates story in video games to story in adult films, but that’s neither here nor there], but those who add story into gaming are really telling them well.

And why shouldn’t we take video games to be real stories? If we accept movies to tell some of our world’s greatest stories, video games offer interactivity with compelling stories, immersive depth of emotion, and sheer brilliance through production, direction, and art.

It may take some awhile to catch on, but next time you’re itching for a good story, maybe pick up the controller first instead of your e-reader.


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