The Joys & Struggles of Academic Writing

Elizabeth Cosgrove was not an English major, but she was a minor, and she was an adopted member of the English Department because of all her work study hours in the English Department office.

Here, she is writing about writing while doing advanced study in England. You may crave scones and tea by the time you finish reading her latest blog post….


Tomorrow the first essay of our program is due. It’s a practice essay, so the marks won’t matter in the end, but we’ve all been scurrying around to make sure everything is in line. In fact (Noelle will be proud) I had half of it done a week ago. Granted, I waited until today to finish it, but its not in me to act that out of character. Honestly, I think the only reason I started it that early was the peer-pressure of everyone talking about their own work. So I felt obligated to start. #yayforpeerpressure

It’s certainly not easy going back to academic writing after a two year hiatus. Especially when last I was doing this, I had my own personal editor that I shared a kitchen with (Noelle, you should just move to England with me). The toughest part (aside from re-teaching myself my stylistic tendencies) is keeping the…

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