Senior Sem students become music video stars

To truly enjoy the following, you may want to be familiar with the Divinyls and their song, “I Touch Myself.” You can read a bit below about how the video was made. Enjoy!

Early in the semester, one of the students in Senior Sem had posted a meme or t-shirt on Facebook that said, “When I think about books, I touch my shelf.” I saw it and decided it would be a fun music parody video to create, so I wrote alternate lyrics to the original Divinyls song, and I pitched the idea first to my WinkyFace Profs partner-in-crime, Lindsey Wotanis. Because neither Lindsey nor I have singing talent, she said it was a project suited for another team. I already knew where I would pitch it.

When I brought the idea to Senior Sem, the students were immediately on board. At one point, we all tried to sing the parody lyrics together in our classroom. It was ridiculous. We laughed and laughed.

The students worked in teams to brainstorm scenes to film for the video, and I filmed them and pulled the initial draft together. We decided do a second date of filming, and we still didn’t have the vocals, but those things came together at the end of our very last class meeting. Megan and Heather practiced vocals while everyone else danced and did a bit of lip syncing. Finally, everyone left except Megan and Heather. They did the vocals in one take. I had three devices recording them, and they sounded great in each one!

I finished editing the vid and showed it to just a couple students to get feedback. They gave the thumbs-up, and we showed the video at the very end of the Senior Seminar conference. There was much laughter. It was great.

I have to say, the student presentations at the conference were smart and sophisticated. Ending the night with the video showed that the students are not only brainy but also fun. That combo is exactly how I would describe the semester with them in Senior Sem.

—by Laurie McMillan, who is sometimes lucky enough to teach ENGL 495 Senior Seminar


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