The Empathy Exams: Essays

I recommend the book The Empathy Exams: Essays, by Leslie Jamison

At first, this set of essays focuses on Jamison’s job as an actor portraying patients with various illnesses for medical-school students to practice examination and diagnosis and treatment plans. That’s fascinating in itself, because the “patients” also come with cultural, economic, and family issues. But as the book goes on, Jamison takes us places to which she has traveled, her first experience with wine (given to her by her mother), and the “Morgellons” (Google that now—you won’t believe your eyes!).

Jamison bookWhy should you read this book? There’s a quote from the writer Mary Karr on the cover. In part, it reads: “…This riveting book will make you a better human.” Don’t we all want to be that????

–Dr. Agnes Cardoni, faculty

Dr. Cardoni teaches Medicine & Literature, Contemporary American Poetry, and methods courses for English-Secondary Education majors. On her syllabi, she tells her students, “I am glad you are here.”


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