Story Slam!

Marywood’s Story Slam rocked this week. The theme was Road Trips, and the storytellers were right there with Jack Kerouac, sharing unique experiences, fun, and insights. (In case you’re wondering, the storytellers bore little to no resemblance to Cormac McCarthy; no post-apocalyptic tales were told, thank goodness.)

Some stories worked because they were gripping while others worked because they were hilarious.  Dr. Erin Sadlack shared a story about her crazy bonding cross-country road trip with her sister and two greyhounds. Ms. Annette Fisher, a Marywood librarian, told of a family trip that was most memorable when plans went awry.

Dr. Erin Sadlack

Dr. Erin Sadlack

Six student storytellers were the main event. The crowd heard about a road trip to the beach on a rainy day, a road trip that led to a new life, and a couple road trips to New York City filled with bonding moments. The winning story focused on the road trip that brought Amanda Duncklee to Marywood’s campus with her best friend, Sampson, because she could not bear to leave Sampson at home.

Ms. Amanda Duncklee

Ms. Amanda Duncklee

Sampson, by the way, is a fish. Amanda said she’ll put her winning trophy right next to Sampson’s bowl. It’s perfect because green is Sampson’s favorite color.

Ms. Amanda Duncklee, Story Slam Champion

Ms. Amanda Duncklee, Story Slam Champion

—Laurie McMillan, faculty

Laurie McMillan was one of four judges at the Story Slam. It was a difficult competition to judge because every story was a winner!


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