Things we’ll take with us….

blog waw picIt’s almost the middle of the semester, so my firstyear writing class, ENGL 160 Composition & Rhetoric, paused for a few minutes to reflect on learning from our course that could be applied to other classes or other writing situations.

  • Proper use of affect and effect (affect is an action word and effect is a noun…usually)
  • How to email properly with teachers
  • How to structure papers better, how to put points in order
  • Peer editing and teacher feedback help us pay attention to weaknesses so we can watch out for those things in other writing
  • Can notice if we’re using texting-style in our papers because we read about that
  • Understand that primary sources are firsthand and secondary sources are from others’ research

Once we are close to the end of the semester, I hope to have more extensive feedback to share. In the meantime, tell us, whether you’re a student or a teacher: What are some of the things you’re doing in your classes that you’ll take with you after the class ends? Leave a comment. We’d love to hear from you!

~Laurie McMillan, faculty

Laurie McMillan has been teaching ENGL 160 using a Writing-about-Writing approach. Students read composition scholarship to discover what is known about writing, and they do primary research that involves investigating real-world writing, ultimately building on the work of composition scholars.


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